Welcome to Vermont Plastic Specialties
Vermont Plastic Specialties provides precision laser services for the fabrication of plastic, metal, and wooden commercial products. Using state-of-the-art computerized technology, we produce precision-cut products whose machining tolerances are as accurate as +/- .002 inches.

Our business approach has focused on meeting the fabrication needs of customers. Since 1982, we have crafted solutions to their product specifications and manufacturing requirements. Our technical expertise is
unsurpassed; our plastics inventory is one of the largest in the Northeast.

Unsurpassed Technical Expertise
We love a challenge. Let our in-house consultants work with you to solve your toughest application and identify the right product for the job.

Ease of machining
Laser cutting is a forceless process; there is no tool contact, and we do not need hold down clamps and fixtures to set up machine parts. Designs can be made directly from computer disks.



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