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Vermont Plastic Specialties has state of the art lasers one with a 4’ x 4’ cutting area and one with a 4’ x 8’ cutting area. These machines have the capabilities to cut most types of plastics, woods and some thin gauge metals. Both lasers have two heads which allows us to make two identical parts simultaneously while holding a tolerance of .002’’.


Vermont Plastic Specialties has a FLOW WaterJet with a XD head which allows the cutting of angles up to 60 degrees which is not only ideal for finished parts but weld prep as well. This feature along with the 60,000 psi pump also allows us to keep the taper that come inherent with waterjets to a minimum because it has a compensation to keep cuts virtually perfectly straight. It is capable of cutting All materials metal, wood, plastics, one exception is tempered glass up to the thickness of 6’’

CNC Routing

Vermont Plastic Specialties CNC router has the capability to make 3 dimensional parts while holding a very tight tolerance. It has a 4’ x 8’ cutting area that allows VPS to make a wide variety of parts built to print mostly used for plastics but has the ability to make aluminum parts as well.

Support Equipment

Vermont Plastic Specialties has a 10’ x 10’ Horizontal panel saw. This has the ability to cut plastics up to 3’’ thick and is automatically fed via CNC to produce accurate cutting as well as repeatability. Here we also have a Diamond Edge finisher which can take the hassle out of polishing acrylics, making the edge quality virtually flawless with ease in a timely manner.


Vermont Plastic Specialties is quality oriented. They provide us with important technical information, helping us to solve some of our application problems. Whenever we have questions, they are willing to go the extra mile to get the answers.

Matt Kurtz, Quality Engineering, B.F. Goodrich

Working with Vermont Plastic Specialties has been a very special experience. Their quality control and experts not only came up with solutions to problems, but they actually got involved in our long-range planning process. Your just don’t get this kind of service from most companies these days.

Del Wisehart, Model Shop, IBM Corporation

Vermont Plastic’s knowledge of plastics is tremendous. And, they always provide the material we need, something that other plastic distributors were unable to do. They have also helped us to save money by providing invaluable technical information.

Dave White, IBM Tooling Project, Engelberth Corporation